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        JOINS US

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        International Operator(Several)
        Date:2021-04-08 Number of recruits:2

        Description Of Job
        1.Responsible for filling of customs declaration forms, packing lists, invoices, etc.

        2.Responsible for system entry, sorting, filing and transfer of import and export cargo declaration documents

        3.Responsible for collating and leveling customs clearance related materials

        Job Requirements

        1.CET4 or above English level, excellent English listening/speaking/reading/writing ability;

        2. Worked in international trade, logistics, and English majors are preferred.

        3.Active work attitude, professional ethics and responsibility

        Overseas Sales (Several)
        Date:2021-04-08 Number of recruits:Several

        Description Of Job
        1.Be responsible for developing overseas agent and clients 

        2.Keep in good relationships with our clients through your high-quality service and professional operation

        Job Requirement

        1. College or above degree, experienced in foreign trade,logistics and freight forwarding business will be better;

        2. CET4 or above English level, excellent English listening/speaking/reading/writing ability;

        3.Open-minded, with perfect team cooperation spirit and professional dedication;

        Room 1815-1816, Hantangrong World Trade International Business Center, Xunnan Avenue, Lianxi District, Jiujiang City
        Contact :Lisa

        Mobile:+86 13632710527


        QQ:864747495 QQ:2544600469

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